How to Create a Living Fence® With Thuja Green Giant Trees

Thuja Green Giant Spacing

Thuja Green Giants typically grow to be about 10-12 feet wide at maturity. Most people use Green Giants as a privacy screen and this can be achieved with a single row or a staggered row of the Thuja Green Giant trees.

Staggered Row Spacing

Many homeowners want to create very quick privacy so they plant their trees close together, often too close together. This is unhealthy for the plants and they won’t be able to grow at their best. If you have enough space you can get a full effect by planting two rows of trees and stagger the rows. We recommend 8 feet between each plant and 4 feet between rows. Create a Living Fence® with the Thuja Green Giant tree |

Single Row Spacing

To achieve a quick privacy screen plant your trees 8 feet apart, which is the healthiest spacing for your trees.