How To Speed Up Growth Of Thuja Green Giant Trees

The Thuja Green Giant can grow 1 to 3 feet per year, but you must plant and grow it correctly. Here’s how:

Prepare The Soil Correctly

You should dig 12 inches deep, if possible. That is the full depth of a full-sized spade and when the tines of the tiller are fully buried in the ground. You should also prepare for a hedge at least three feet wide. Once it’s growing, you can replenish the organic content, which disappears over time, by mulching in the Spring of a few inches.

Water Regularly

In the beginning, you should water the pots the night before it’s planted. For a hedge, the best approach is to dig a trench slightly larger than the size of the pots and flood it with water. After that, put back the rest of the soil. You should then mulch over the root area, but not against the trunks. Afterward, you should water twice a week for the first month, then once a week in its first year.

Generally, it should be watered weekly from spring to fall.

You may consider watering even after it rains because rain sometimes doesn’t penetrate dry soil very deeply.

Have A Fertilizer Program

Using a hedge fertilizer will help improve growth speed. It doesn’t matter if it’s solid or liquid as long as you follow the directions carefully.